Car Batteries

For all car batteries in Delhi and NCR you may call us for best prices - We stock all brands available in delhi- Like Exide, Amaron & Payal Power Systems etc. .

Branded batteries have extended warranty of 12 - 60 Months - though one should check the details - terms and conditions before buying any battery - A guarantee card and bill is must to claim any kind of guarantee and warranty.

Please feel free to call us and check about any available barands of batteries in delhi.

all kind of batteries can be delivered in delhi / NCR at your door step.

Salient Features

  • World class Separator Technology ensures smooth absorption of acid, rendering it vibration resistance, maintaining steadiness for a longer time.
  • To ensure High Quality and Reliability, Ace Batteries are 100% tested on line for voltage, capacity, seals (glue and /or heat seal), and all vents are 100% visually inspected during the final assembly process.
  • Synthesis Cellulose/Polyethylene pocket type separator glass mat.
  • High Power Density through accumulated experience in high technology.
  • Negative Plate with Premium Multi-Expanders to optimize plate storage capacities and output performance.
  • Microprocessor Controlled, curing for maximum adhesion and cohesion provides stability for a longer endurance.
  • Multi premium alloy framed Radial Positive and Negative Grids are micro processor controlled cast to an exact tolerance including size and weight.
  • Computer Designed Grids for maximum current flow with less chance of separator punctures.
  • High Performance Positive Plate produced with specific premium oxide.
  • Internal Glass Mat provides additional stability to the positive plate during excessive cycling or deep discharges.
  • Precision Fit container Core to match overall consistent cell size for a secure fit and guard against vibration failure.


Featured Products

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