Commercial UPS

Range: 2 KVA to 3.5 KV

Fusion series of Commercial UPS is the World’s most advance Commercial UPS as it is based on world’s most advances DSP Sine Wave technology. It provides steady source of 100% pure sine wave power to the entire connected appliance. The power supplied by the Payal Power Systems’s Fusion series of Commercial UPS is actually purer then the power supplied from the mains, a simple proof this fact is that appliance won’t make any irritating . humming sound as they do on normal UPS available in the market.

Today there is an increase in the use of expensive electronic like computer, water Motor pump, STD PCO monitor, Microwave Oven, Air Conditioner etc.

Unfortunately during power cuts, none of these equipments can be used because an ordinary UPS cannot supply the right kind of power to such sophisticated equipment.

However, Payal Power Systems’s Fusion series of Commercial UPS gives users the amazing advantage of being able to use all their most expensive & sensitive electronics appliances at all times.


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